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The Highmark Cancer Collaborative: Taking the lead in delivering the best possible cancer outcomes.

Find out how we provide best-in-class cancer care, second opinions, medical research, and heath insurance coverage in western PA.

Setting new standards for cancer care quality, health insurance coverage & patient experience


Coordinated, patient-centered, health care coverage

Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute

Quality cancer care in western PA

The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center

Access to early phase clinical trials and second opinions for rare and complex cancers

Taking doctor-insurer collaboration to a new level

We’re changing how cancer treatment decisions are made, how cancer care is delivered and how cancer care is paid for.

The Result? A fundamental change in how cancer health care works:
  • A level of coordinated, patient-centered care unique in western Pennsylvania
  • The best possible outcomes & patient experience in the greater Pittsburgh area

Because there’s a more important member of the team — and that’s you.

Highest quality cancer care, best doctors & hospitals, lower costs

With better-managed, high-quality care, we’re empowering doctors at every stage to deliver care that’s effective, hassle-free, and lower cost — all while focused on the best possible outcomes.

With truly personlized care, we take care of the big picture, so you can focus on your health.

The most advanced, proven treatments
  • Leading edge, evidence-based treatments based on the highest standards of care
  • Decision support tools help doctors track your progress and determine the best course of action
More personalized, fully coordinated care
  • Treatment tailored to each patient’s own needs for the best possible outcomes
Lower costs for treatments and drugs
  • Reduced chemotherapy costs through pharmacy partnerships
  • New models save costs on radiation treatments
Flexibility, choice & hassle-free coverage
  • You can choose effective, lower cost, convenient care at your doctor’s office or even your own home
  • We’ve cut barriers for both patients and doctors so you can get care without hassles
More options for better care and outcomes
  • Access to second opinions and early phase clinical trials for rare and complex cancers with Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center
  • Health plan network includes doctors who meet the highest quality benchmarks

By 2020, the cost of cancer care in the United States is estimated to reach $207 billion3

Adults with cancer are 3X more likely to declare bankruptcy2

Chemotherapy drug prices alone are rising at an annual rate of 17%4

The time for change is now

Too often cancer patients do not get the right type or amount of treatment1. This impacts quality of care, outcomes, patient safety, and costs—which grow every year.

Skyrocketing costs mean that adults with cancer are 3 times more likely to declare bankruptcy2:

  • By 2020, the cost of cancer care in the U.S. is estimated to reach $207 billion3
  • Chemotherapy drug prices alone are rising at an annual rate of 17%4

And while costs are escalating, new cases of cancer are also increasing. Cancer rates rose by 7% from 1990 in Pennsylvania alone.5

Together we can meet these challenges. We’re providing the tools, resources, and guidance both doctors and patients need to make the best choices and arrive at the best outcomes.

Cancer screenings save lives. Nudge someone with a screening reminder today. »

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You are at the heart of everything we do. Together we’re doing it all for you. We’re doing it all for health.

Find out how we provide best-in-class cancer care, second opinions, and health insurance coverage.